To provide the same right in politic. We, Narcissist , as one of the party in erepublik indonesia, open opportunity to our fellow eAustralian to join in our party. Regardless who you were, now we are all in one country , erepublik indonesia. We , Narcissist, hope can be a hub for eIndonesian and eAustralian to talk, and discuss. Of course , we also open vacancy if you want to sit as major in your area as long as qualified.

We , narcissist , hope that all of citizen of EI (regardless, eIndonesian or eAustralian) can sit together in front of their own computer or notebook and try to develop this country to be better :D.

Yeah we believe the different opinion about this war , but we need to keep our sight to see forward.

Salam Narciss (what is the english words for this one ??)

For Major Vacancy, you may contact Panca as our Party President this period

Sorry for my english 😀