Hi all ,

We, Narcissist, hope you may input any suggestion for our local election candidate list. Here is currently draft for each region :

1. taxist Jakarta
2. depe Samarinda
3. Choxblog Medan
4. Kain Sindhaka Palu
5. Adrian Lawrence Mataram
6. zakazack Jayapura
7. aeonflux Ambon
8. toomuch Darwin
9. dweter Brisbane
10. bundo kanduong Perth
11. ?????? Adelaide *

For all candidates , Narcissist hope that you can win your region election. You may do some chit-chat with grassroot or newbie in the region, hopefully, they can give you good input to develop the city / town. Narcissist always supports the candidates to fight in election.

If there’s any objection, please inform us or Panca as the party president before D-2 😀

Salam kompak Narcissist … Cis kacang buncis …NARCISSIST ! (what the english words for this ?? )

NCS President
Tubagus Panca Putra Ksatria

edited as needed, and sorry if there’s any mis-spell or even mistyped